Most of the USENIX website was already completed by our team in Drupal 6 when a decision was made to upgrade to Drupal 7. This was very early in the Drupal 7 release cycle, so our team had to port custom modules and features, contributed modules, and custom themes.

Beyond these upgrades, being an early adopter meant that our developers had to commit dozens of additional patches to fix bugs and issues with upgrade paths from Drupal 6 to 7. In addition, we re-built the website’s ecommerce functionality using Drupal Commerce (previously built with Ubercart), ported our Salesforce.com integration tool Houston Command Center to Drupal 7, and also re-created numerous views, organic groups configurations, profiles, and more.


USENIX sells memberships, file access, physical magazines, books, and offprints. To cater to these diverse commerce needs, our team used the Drupal Commerce framework along with Commerce Coupon, Commerce Custom Line Items, Commerce Devel, Commerce Features, Commerce File, Commerce Flat Rate, Commerce Payflo Pro, and Commerce Shipping to enable the sale of these items.

Certain products on the website needed to be free to select users (depending on membership status, conference registration, date, etc). This had the potential to really complicate any administrative workflow; requiring staff to create and sync products with nodes for the same files. Thanks to the Commerce API, our team was able to hide the creation of products from website administrators by auto-creating and updating product files, SKUs, attributes, and prices as nodes are created and updated. The Commerce API also facilitated the implementation of sophisticated membership levels and benefits, including free products and discount scenarios.

Unesix Ecommerce

To meet USENIX’s advanced faceted search requirements we used Apache Solr, another OSS project that integrates very well with Drupal. We created three main search pages, one each for proceedings, multimedia, and site-wide search. Each uses custom Solr index fields, custom Facet API sorts, and custom search-result displays to ensure that the exact desired search results were shown. We also created Facet API dropdown menus for the proceedings and multimedia search pages.

Unesix Search