HTML5 Web Design Services

HTML5 Web Design

Engage your audience with the power of mobile friendly HTML5 web design.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the primary language of the Internet and HTML5 is the latest and most robust revision of HTML. It streamlines modern processes by rendering older, less reliable techniques and plugins. HTML5 includes new features for common document structures and interactivity. These features are now laying the foundation for powerful web-based applications and the mobile web, and Zivtech developers are leading the way. Our team strives to implement the latest technology while continuing to consider legacy support for each client.

HTML5 is powerful, yet lean. New tags for common document structures give authors, browsers, and search engines more knowledge about content. New form-specific tags identify emails, addresses, dates, and telephone numbers; facilitating native client-side validation and more useful input fields, as well as more specific custom styling. HTML5 supports embedded media with simple tags (e.g., "<video>" and "<audio>"), which mitigates the need for processor-intensive plugins like Flash and Silverlight. It also supports offline storage of settings, caches, and databases. HTML5 even includes a fully functional relational database.

These features provide robust support for web-based applications for all modern browsers, including desktop and mobile. Web-based applications can now access local file systems, thus reducing bandwidth requirements and enabling a seamless transition between on-line and off-line interactivity. HTML5 also enables background processing for web-based applications. This has significant implications for small devices like phones and tablets. With HTML5, content on these devices now renders appropriately and retains full desktop functionality. HTML5 can also support geolocation, accelerometer, and speech input on mobile devices.