Responsive Web Design Services

Responsive Web Design

Ensure your site is ready for any device size with Responsive Web Design.

The explosion of the mobile web makes responsive design a critical component of any website or web-based application. Zivtech's expert coding designers who know how to create fluid grids, embed flexible images, and create the media queries to accommodate all of the many devices on the web today. All our projects are designed and developed to be mobile-first and device agnostic.

Responsive Design Philosophy

Aesthetically, our expert design team approaches each client project as a unique experience for the site or applications users. We strive to create original responsive web design and responsive web application experiences based on content audits, user stories, and a rich discovery process. Through experience we trust those together will guide us to the best responsive designs for our clients. The combination of these processes helps to avoid common missteps and establishes the foundation for a successful project.

Our design fundamentals, however, stay the same. We always establish a content hierarchy and give each content element appropriate weight and space. This makes a page feel usable even when it contains large amounts of information. This intuitively guides users through your site with purpose to achieve the goals of your stakeholders.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

There is a growing list of benefits to responsive web design that will help your website get an edge on the competition. These include:

  • Providing a better user experience for mobile users. Mobile users make up more connected users on the web than desktops these days!
  • Better search engine results. Google has stated publicly that they give better rankings to sites with better mobile users experiences, especially in mobile search results.
  • More eyes on the prize. With mobile users surpassing desktop users over the past few years, without a great mobile user experience, your site might be missing out on a large amount of quality traffic, or suffer because of it.
  • Accessibility for all. A responsive web design is at it's heart fully accessible to many types of accessibility devices for those with disabilities, such as screen readers for visually impaired users.
  • Future-proof your investment in design. Designing for any device now gives your website or web-based application a better chance of survival in the future.