Drupal Website Auditing Services

Drupal Site Audits

Ensure your Drupal website is running at it's optimal condition and best performance with a Drupal site Audit from Zivtech.

Drupal’s vast array of tools allow for feature rich websites, but if they are used or configured incorrectly, these tools can negatively affect a website’s scalability, security, or performance.

A Drupal site audit will help you identify problems with your Drupal website's configuration and take the appropriate steps to fix them. Our experienced team of Drupal detectives and bug smashers looks under the hood at a site’s configuration, user interface, custom code, and integrated applications and databases. We confirm there are no significant deficiencies in the codebase or configuration, including redundant or conflicting process applications and non-standard or potentially harmful code. Zivtech focuses on maintainability, security, performance, end-user experience, and content editor experience. Together these will help keep your website online longer per redesign.

Our goal is to ensure that your valuable information is secure, your website is performing optimally, and that it conforms to Drupal best practices.