Marketing and Content Strategy Services

Marketing and Content Strategy

Get content. Get customers.

The opportunity is a blip. You have about 8 seconds to get and keep a visitor’s attention. The only way to attract and retain traffic is through great content. Is your site up to date?

You need a powerful marketing strategy. Discover your audience. What are your visitors seeking? Is it what you’re offering? With regular updates to search algorithms, the only tactic that works consistently is credible, compelling content.

Count on Zivtech to set you up with best in class marketing initiatives to make the most of multiple platforms and formats.


  • Content Strategy
  • Website copy update
  • Content and channel optimization
  • Brand consistency
  • Segmentation and localization
  • Analytics and meaningful measurement
  • Blog posts
  • Social sharing strategy
  • Ebooks and whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Research

Drive sales, engagement, retention and leads. Don't ask what you can sell. Instead, ask how you can help.

Discover what customers are asking. Be everywhere with your answers to get to the top of search results.

Share, revisit, refresh.