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Zivtech conducts both public and private Drupal training and Design training workshops for all skill levels. We strive to provide our clients with an immersive, hands-on, and fun environment to ensure that they get the most out of their learning experience.

Since it was founded in 2008, Zivtech has established itself as a premier Drupal training shop. Our expert developers travel around the world conducting public and private trainings. Our training clients have included Cornell University, Verizon Wireless, Olympus, and more. Private training workshops are customized to the specific needs of our clients and typically occur on-site.

Available Workshops

Site Building, Drupal Training

Skill level: 

Drupal is a versatile and powerful content management system. We explore its capability in our Drupal 7 Site Building workshop. We teach strategies for building sites without custom code, using Drupal core and contributed modules. We highlight the best modules for common tasks, introduce content types, users, permissions, paths, blocks, menus, themes, subthemes, text formats, views, and much more. Workshop participants are introduced to these topics through hands-on exercises.

Views Module, Drupal Training

Skill level: 

Views is a flexible tool for controlling how lists and tables of content are presented in Drupal. And our Views Module Workshop is a thorough introduction to this powerful tool. During our workshop participants learn to build and customize content ‘views’. Participants learn how to set styles, as well as add fields, displays, and filters. We explore arguments and building related content views using taxonomy. We also build RSS feeds. Finally, we explore using contributed modules in combination with Views, such as Flag module and Nodequeue.

Architecture Best Practices, Drupal Training

Skill level: 

The key to building a great Drupal site is making smart architectural decisions at the beginning of the project. An understanding of Drupal architecture is critical for site-builders, project managers, designers, and general decision makers. Drupal websites are made of basic building blocks. Using these building blocks correctly to meet the needs of your site is essential. Doing so makes future maintenance, expansion, and upgrades both possible and cost effective. In this workshop, Zivtech teaches the fundamentals and best practices of clean and sustainable architecture.

Beginning jQuery, Drupal Training

Skill level: 

Our jQuery workshop provides a general introduction to the jQuery JavaScript library. We highlight particular strengths of jQuery while reviewing basic syntax and methods. Our workshop specifically addresses the use of jQuery on the Drupal platform by way of hands-on exercises. Participants learn how to add jQuery functionality via modules and themes, including how to add tabs, dialog/alert boxes, and how to hide/show page elements.

Front End Development, Drupal Training

Skill level: 

Drupal’s powerful theme system facilitates the construction of beautiful websites and the ability to fully customize the display of these websites. In our Front End Development workshop, we teach you how to leverage this power. This workshop includes an overview of the theme system, base theme set-up and configuration, front end related modules, and customizing the display of forms, menus, and node templates. Our trainers also highlight the intersections between the theme and ‘hook’ system, as well as how to work with new Drupal 7 render arrays.

Layout and Site Building with Panels Module, Drupal Training

Skill level: 

Panels is a tool for creating advanced layouts and data displays in Drupal. In our day-long intermediate level training, we look at the full range of the Panels toolset. We also explore the relationship between Panels and Views and how to leverage the power of these tools working together. The training utilizes demonstrations and hands on site building with challenges to get participants thinking about how to apply the ideas presented throughout the day. By the end we promise you'll want to use the site building techniques and features provided by Panels to create your next site.

Sass & Compass, Design Training

Skill level: 

Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) is a superset of CSS3 that adds power and reusability to the CSS you write today. By harnessing the power of variables, mixins, nesting, functions, and control directives, Sass allows you to write cleaner and more reusable CSS. Sass also gives you the power to do things that otherwise would not be practical with CSS alone. Combined with Compass, a Sass-based framework that allows you to use and create libraries of mixins, variables, and functions, Sass has the power to radically change not just how you theme, but how you think about theming.

Module Development, Drupal Training

Skill level: 

Our 'Drupal 7 Module Development' workshop is a crash-course in solving problems by building custom modules. Our workshop focuses on how to approach a problem that existing modules just do not solve. Follow along in your individual development sandbox as we show you how to put Drupal’s APIs to work. Attendees will leave our workshop with working knowledge of Drupal’s core menu, form, entity and field systems, as well integrations with Ctools and Views modules.

Professionalizing Your Development Environment & Workflow, Drupal Training

Skill level: 

A Drupal development environment needs a local and development server, text editor, version control system, bug tracking system, and some configuration. A Drupal development workflow needs strategies for handling code changes, configuration changes, patches, deployment, updates, code management, task management, and testing. By introducing a standardized system to manage all of the moving parts, both freelance developers and teams can greatly increase efficiency and reduce frustration.

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Philly Dev Camp - Zivtech's Web Development Bootcamp

In the Summer of 2014, Zivtech held Philadelphia's first Web Development Bootcamp, which was made possible through a StartUP PHL Call for Ideas Grant. PhillyDevCamp was held over a five-week-long period of time, and was free to attend for those students whose applications were accepted. Qualified applicants included currently-enrolled college students, as well as former Philly-area students that had graduated from college within the past three years. After a wildly successful first summer, twenty supremely talented students graduated from PhillyDevCamp, and many of them have found jobs in the web development world, or have gone on to continue their learning in the field.