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Brand authenticity helps brands establish loyal and lasting relationships with their clients. Our Web Design Co-op sat down with us and discussed how brands can maintain authenticity in a saturated digital space.
Alana Battalino
Alana Battalino
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A clearly defined brand voice gives your organization a specific personality and helps to reinforce the organization’s overall mission. A brand's tone, however, should vary depending on a number of factors.
Alana Battalino
Alana Battalino
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I was tasked with designing key elements for the brand: a logo, website, and various illustrations to use as imagery. Here's how I tackled the project.
Kaci Kwiatek
Establishing a brand voice takes time and careful consideration, but it will help drive your strategy and build stronger relationships with your audience.
Emily Howards
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Teach your employees how to effectively sing your company’s praises and be the best brand advocates they possibly can be.

Christine Germeroth
Christine Germeroth