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So, you want to make a browser extension. Perhaps this is something you've been interested in pursuing but didn't know how or where to get started. This blog will help show you the path from an idea to a browser extension.
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ApplyCycle is a customized application management solution that can streamline the process of creating, accepting, and reviewing applications.
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After a long run on MacBook Pros, I switched to an LG Gram laptop running Debian this year. It’s faster, lighter, and less expensive.
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Not every web software project needs to be a disaster. Find a talented team that will provide skillful and efficient problem-solving.
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We asked our team of experts at Zivtech to look into the near future and consider what's possible for 2016. Here are their predictions, and a few other random thoughts.

Zivtech Staff
With git’s ability to create multiple branches and merge multiple developer's code into one repository, it is easy to get things mixed up; but don’t panic! There are tools out there to help.
Allie Jones
Allie Jones

As a Senior Developer here at Zivtech, part of my job is to develop with an eye towards security.

Laurence Liss
Laurence Liss
High Performance Caching

*Note: This is the first of a two-part post.

Laurence Liss
Laurence Liss
I was recently given an interesting assignment. One of our clients had found a bug in Print module. If you're not familiar with it, Print module is a simple tool that gives you links on your content to create a printer friendly page from otherwise color and complex content. It also allows you to email content to a friend and create PDFs of the content.
Laurence Liss
Laurence Liss
When a client asks for a way to pull content onto a site through RSS, the obvious choice is to use Drupal's Feeds module. I've never been really in love with this module but it does the job well. We recently had an interesting case that required extending the normal functionality of feeds to interact with custom content types.
Laurence Liss
Laurence Liss
Custom Plugins
Context is one of the most useful architectural modules for Drupal. Context works by setting conditions such as a path or a node type and, if that condition is present, reactions such as adding blocks to regions or setting an active menu.

Zivtech Module Development
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Web Design
Is Drupal a bad platform for designers? If you were paying attention to the Drupal Planet or the twitter feeds of various Drupal community members and designers in the Drupal world, you might think the answer is a resounding 'Yes'.
Drupal CVS
As noted in Jody's blog-post regarding this same subject, there are a number of tools out there which allow for simple cvs checkout from Drupal's repository. Unfortunately, they need to be installed separately for each website, which can be a pain.
Drupal Modules
There are lots of great Drupal productivity/development modules (e.g. drush, devel, coder) which, due to their nature as modules, need to be installed on each site you work on. If you work on a dizzying number of different Drupal sites, productivity improvements which are not site-specific are the most useful.
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As Alex UA recently posted, we have partnered in Zivtech, a Drupal-only development business.
As of last week, Jody Hamilton and I officially became business partners.