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So, you want to make a browser extension. Perhaps this is something you've been interested in pursuing but didn't know how or where to get started. This blog will help show you the path from an idea to a browser extension.
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ApplyCycle is a customized application management solution that can streamline the process of creating, accepting, and reviewing applications.
Alana Battalino
Alana Battalino
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After a long run on MacBook Pros, I switched to an LG Gram laptop running Debian this year. It’s faster, lighter, and less expensive.
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Not every web software project needs to be a disaster. Find a talented team that will provide skillful and efficient problem-solving.
With git’s ability to create multiple branches and merge multiple developer's code into one repository, it is easy to get things mixed up; but don’t panic! There are tools out there to help.
Allie Jones
Allie Jones