A well-designed and easy to use website is key for any business.

Group working

As a nonprofit or foundation, your grant management system is vital to your organization’s workflow efficiency.

Woman using laptop

An intuitive content management system makes it significantly easier to streamline the way you manage your digital presence.


As a sales and marketing leader for an open source technology agency, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the many open source content manage

Marco De Paulis
Marco De Paulis
Twenty members of our team went to the conference to attend sessions and represent Zivtech.
Bird Migration
Once a site gets stale, it’s time to update. You may be going from one CMS to another, i.e., WordPress to Drupal, or you may be moving from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8.
Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan
Do different CMS options offer varying levels of security? Here's how to keep your site safe.
Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan
Climbing hooks and carabiners
Writing code for a Drupal site can be an overwhelming experience because, even though it’s written in PHP, there’s a dense API behind it. One of the biggest parts of that API is the hook system.
PHP can be challenging to learn, especially if you’re learning Drupal at the same time.
Here's a walkthrough guide to styling a slideshow in Drupal 8.
Stephanie Semerville
Stephanie Semerville
Looking ahead

At Zivtech, we're pondering what things might look like down the road as development for Drupal 9 begins.

Facebook just announced that it will use artificial intelligence to describe images to people who cannot see pictures. While you may think that this development is meant for a limited audience, it actually has wide ranging benefits for everyone.
Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan
It’s time to build your next website. The next step is to figure out which CMS platform is best for the job.
Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan
Old computer station

We asked our team of experts at Zivtech to look into the near future and consider what's possible for 2016. Here are their predictions, and a few other random thoughts.

Zivtech Staff
In this installment, I'll step through how to set up oEmbed rich content in a WYSIWYG in Drupal 7.

In Drupal 8, we finally have WYSIWYG in core, but no solution for adding videos and other embedded content. How can we have the ease of use of Wordpress for embedding 3rd party content?

Empty seats
What if you could build in quality assurance?
Howard Tyson
Howard Tyson
Child playing Jenga
Your system probably doesn't help you with quality assurance outside of what a computer can look at.
Howard Tyson
Howard Tyson
Maintainable Code
This is part 4 of a series based on Jody Hamilton's talk at Dreamit Ventures to a group of entrepreneurs.
Here are some additional tools we found to be great assets to a documentarian's repertoire.
Allison Law
Allison Law
User permissions
Let's talk about users, permissions, and roles, and how you can use them to keep your Drupal installation merrily un-borked.
There are tons of themed lorem ipsum generators out there. There are many that are comical and some are very innovative in their approach. Let’s take a look at 11 Lorem Ipsum Generators that will be sure to make testing content creation on your next Drupal project fun.
Open source software

Open source software (OSS) is crowd-sourced.

Zivtech Staff
Drupal Themes

We at Zivtech care about accessible websites and strive to make our projects usable by the widest range of people possible.

Sticky Notes
Drupal 7 Core Site Building Jeopardy helps your team study for the Acquia Site Builder certification, or just brush up on your Drupal core knowledge.

Have you ever worked with a Drupal developer who seemed to always be able to fix bugs by finding patches to apply seemingly instantaneously?


AngularJS is a popular javascript framework backed by Google.

Catch up with us at some of our upcoming events!
Here at Zivtech, we are obsessed with creating immersive experiences for mobile and the web using cutting-edge design and Open Source Software like Drupal and Angular.js. One of the web design techniques that we've had on our radar is Parallax Scrolling, which gives depth to a page by scrolling two dimensions of the site at different rates.
Web Development
Hi, my name is Jason Moore and I am a Developer here at Zivtech.
Drupal Development
We at Zivtech have been working with Drupal for a long time, some of us for over 10 years, and in that time we’ve gotten to use (and sometimes build) a lot of really cool modules to develop stellar sites for our clients.

As a Senior Developer here at Zivtech, part of my job is to develop with an eye towards security.


The quality assurance (QA) phase of a web development project is the last phase before launch.

Zivtech-built sites are in the running for four awards!
This weekend 9 members of the Zivtech staff will be participating and competing in Startup Weekend Health Philadelphia 2013.
Web Design

We love Responsive Web Design, and we love Drupal.

Lemon tree
In this installment, I'll observe types of lemon sites and how to recognize a lemon.
Lemon tree
I've worked on many "Site Rescue" jobs, in which a client comes with a sick, but often brand-new and expensive Drupal site, desperately needing it fixed in a number of ways.
I started the following checklist for my team to level up everyone's pre-ticket review quality, but it can be useful for any Views builders.
Responsive Web Design
Breakpoint makes writing media queries really simple. I want to show you a little about how we use it day-to-day on responsive projects here at Zivtech.
Core Sprint
After a full day of sessions and learning about Drupal, Saturday June 23rd from 10 am to 5 pm will be the third Get Involved with Core Sprint.
Come join Zivtech and the rest of the Philadelphia Drupal community on June 22-23, for two action packed days of good programing, great beer/food/code, and even better people!
Drupal Upgrade
Recently, I was challenged with upgrading a Drupal site from 4.6 to 7. If you're not too familiar with Drupal, you might not realize that Drupal must be upgraded one major release at a time.
Rocket launch

After months of site development, code, more code, and long hours, launch day arrives.

Drupal Theme
The other day I got to thinking, just what would it take to build a responsive theme for Drupal from scratch?
Howard Tyson
Howard Tyson
Zivtech is at BADCamp2011

Join Zivtech at the annual Bay Area Drupal Camp, BADCamp (October 21-23, 2011).


Join us in Portland, Oregon for the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit October 14 -16, 2011.

Drupal Training

Registration is open! Zivtech is conducting two full-day Drupal workshops in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Zivtech's Senior Developer, Howard Tyson, recently conducted a Node.js webinar with our partner Acquia.
New York
Zivtech is excited to announce that Andrew Morton, aka drewish, has joined our team as a Senior Architect.
The 4th annual Philadelphia-based Drupal Camp, Drupaldelphia, is scheduled for Friday, July 29th.
I was recently given an interesting assignment. One of our clients had found a bug in Print module. If you're not familiar with it, Print module is a simple tool that gives you links on your content to create a printer friendly page from otherwise color and complex content. It also allows you to email content to a friend and create PDFs of the content.
Drupalcamp Colorado is this weekend!
Washington D.C.
The 2011 CapitalCamp website just launched and the organizers behind the event, including the Zivtech crew, are looking for your session proposals!
When a client asks for a way to pull content onto a site through RSS, the obvious choice is to use Drupal's Feeds module. I've never been really in love with this module but it does the job well. We recently had an interesting case that required extending the normal functionality of feeds to interact with custom content types.
Washington DC

CapitalCamp (July 22nd-July 23rd) will be the FIRST EVER DrupalCamp to be held in our nation's capital.

Zivtech Drupal Development

Finally scratched an itch and created a Node.js Integration module last night.

I first came across the FullCalendar jQuery plugin while searching for a better way to mimic the features and style of Google Calendar. I was immediately impressed; it combined features like drag-and-drop and dynamic resizing with the limitless flexiblity of an open-source project.
We are very pleased to announce our pre-conference Drupal 7 Module Development training session at DrupalCon Chicago, taking place on Monday, March 7, 2011.
Zivtech Development
I've been helping out with the Great Git Migration effort lately, particularly the queue infrastructure. As a result of this work, I created the Waiting Queue module.
Zivtech Development
Back at Drupal Camp NYC Jen Simmons pulled a number us Drupal folks together to come up with some solutions for incorporating HTML5 into Drupal.
Comparing strings is one of those programming tasks I tend to dread. There's so much room for error and variation that I never feel like I have a clean solution that covers all the possible problems that can arise.
Custom Plugins
Context is one of the most useful architectural modules for Drupal. Context works by setting conditions such as a path or a node type and, if that condition is present, reactions such as adding blocks to regions or setting an active menu.

Window washers

Neither my father nor I are particularly meticulous people in the rest of our lives, but you could eat off his hubcabs or my team's code.

Sass and Compass
So you write a lot of CSS, right? I used to be like you. I'll bet you probably write enough CSS to see tons of possibilities in the code, but also maybe you pull your hair out over some of the limitations?
Public Forum
Here's a small Drupal module (D6) and instructions to allow you to have both public and private forums on a site.
Drupal Event
Zivtech will be hosting an Alfresco webinar tomorrow (9/14/2010) on integrating Alfresco, Drupal, and
Zivtech Module Development
Sign up for the Module Development Training now!
We're pleased to announce Mason Wendell has joined our team as Zivtech's new Creative Director.
This post will cover the highly available load balancer setup that currently serves 7 sites, with another 4 in the pipeline. Basically, we want to run the sites through two Linux-based software load balancer boxes, and be able to keep the sites up even if one of them fails.
Web development
We're working on a project with too much non-uniform legacy HTML to migrate it all into Drupal. Some of it we're handling by migrating certain data into nodes and dumping the entire HTML content into the node body so it can be easily indexed by Solr for search and the titles can be included in other views listings.
Drupal Camp Philadelphia
This Friday, May 14th, 2010, the next Drupal Camp for Philadelphia, A.K.A. Drupaldelphia, will take place at Temple University's Alter Hall.
Ever wanted to know what changed in the {variable} table? Who changed it? What the old value was? Well, this is the module for you.
Chicago Drupal Jam
I've had a lot of fun today at the Chicago Drupal Jam! Here are a couple of notes from the day.
Drupalcon Sessions
The voting is over and the Drupal Con San Fran sessions have been posted.
Philly skyline
Zivtech is excited to host two events in the next couple of weeks at our offices featuring two of the Open Source Enterprise Content Management systems that we work with.
Drupal Development
We are very excited to announce the launch of the DCTV and Beyond Bullets websites. DCTV is a very cool media arts center based in New York. DCTV's firehouse was home to Democracy Now and currently trains 2,000 students a year. The relatively small organization can boast to winning 15 Emmy awards!
Planning Session
Ryan Szarama, Lyle Mantooth, Mike O'Connor, Amye Scavarda, Damien Tournoud, and I recently met for two days in the San Fran af83 PariSoma office to begin planning an Ubercore initiative (think Ubercart and Small Core) for restructuring Ubercart on Drupal 7.
Media Camp
This past weekend I had the pleasures of attending PublicMediaCamp which was "an initiative to strengthen the relationship that public broadcasters have with their communities through the creation of collaborative projects."
Web Development
Drupal is at heart a content publishing platform. A way to share information as quickly and as accessibly as possible.
Drupal Framework
As the community at large wrestles with Drupal's future as both a framework and a CMS, and its usefulness or focus on the various needs of developers, themers, designers, end-users, and others, Zivtech, as an 11-person Drupal team, deals with the same questions and debates internally.
Web Design
Is Drupal a bad platform for designers? If you were paying attention to the Drupal Planet or the twitter feeds of various Drupal community members and designers in the Drupal world, you might think the answer is a resounding 'Yes'.
We've been sprinting to get stream wrappers into Drupal 7 here at the Zivtech Philly office for the past two days.
Flat World Knowledge, an open source online college textbook publishing company, released version 2.0 this week.
Unfuddle Feedback Module
This is what happens when you are surrounded by brilliant people.
Zivtech is excited to announce two days of Drupal trainings, happening in two short weeks here in Philadelphia!
We had to setup a static file server for a client site - its growing too big for a single box running php, mysql and serving static content.
Drupal Event
This past weekend's Mashable-Indy Hall party (which Zivtech sponsored) was pretty awesome, despite the venue's hat hating ways, but it wasn't the only awesome tech event in Philly this weekend.
Last weekend I had the great pleasure of taking part in the Open Media Camp & Media Sprint, which was hosted by Denver Open Media (DOM).
Drupal CVS
As noted in Jody's blog-post regarding this same subject, there are a number of tools out there which allow for simple cvs checkout from Drupal's repository. Unfortunately, they need to be installed separately for each website, which can be a pain.
Matt Klein
Matt Klein
Summer of Code
As many of you know, I am helping to organize Drupal's participation for this years Google Summer of Code for this year, and one of my duties is to help recruit mentors and help them connect with students working on some of the awesome community and student project ideas that have been proposed.
The James Zabiela Flash/Drupal site won the 2009 SXSW Interactive Web Award in the category "Music."
User Permissions
Jody and I will be working on getting some hacking done on Drupal's permission system at Drupalcon.
Maybe not the most simple, but pretty close.
Zivtech Staff
2008 was a hell of a year. After a few years as an independent contractor, I incorporated Zivtech in January. In April, Jody and I decided to become business partners (which, coincidentally, happened in the same week I learned I was going to be a father for the first time), and by the end of the year we had grown to an eleven person shop.
Philly skyline
Philadelphia held its first DrupalCamp this week, and it went better than I think even the most optimistic of us expected.
Code on laptop
Yesterday I had to do some major filter debugging, causing me to learn a lot about Drupal's filter system. Here are some basic and less basic observations on Drupal's format and filter system.
Person using laptop
If you want to change that default My Account page, here are some ideas for both coders and non-coders.
Zivtech is an Open Source Drupal web development shop with a beautiful office at 15th and South St in Downtown Philadelphia.
Zivtech is extremely excited to announce that we are now officially an Acquia Silver Partner.

I recently wrote a views plugin for the weight module which allows the setup of views which are a drag-and-drop form for ordering nodes.

Drupal Node
There are many contributed node access control modules for Drupal and you really should understand the basics of node access before installing and configuring one.
Video camera
Jody just created a small patch for FeedAPI that added a filter to Views for "Filter by Parent Term," which allowed me to create a new way to sort through the massive amount of videos that have been coming in via the various Drupal themed video feeds that I've been able to find.
Drupal Modules
There are lots of great Drupal productivity/development modules (e.g. drush, devel, coder) which, due to their nature as modules, need to be installed on each site you work on. If you work on a dizzying number of different Drupal sites, productivity improvements which are not site-specific are the most useful.
The following is a HOWTO I just submitted to the Handbook.
John Forsythe recently posted that Contemplate is one of the most favorited modules on his site, attributable to the learning curve of creating template files. With no offense to Jeff Robbins who created this very clever module, I've never been a big fan of Contemplate.
Office desk
As Alex UA recently posted, we have partnered in Zivtech, a Drupal-only development business.
As of last week, Jody Hamilton and I officially became business partners.
Today was the last official day of DrupalCon Boston 2008, the latest official iteration of the biannual Drupal Conference.
Drupal Modules

I created this post to use as a companion piece for a presentation I'm giving at the Philly PHP Meetup's "Drupal Show and Tell" event.

I've dealt with many, many different types of software over the years, and rarely have I come across an application or platform with better documentation than Drupal. It's truly amazing that this documentation was created almost entirely by volunteers, and it's a great example of the dedication to improving the system and it's usability.