Recently at Zivtech we started migrating our base theme for Drupal called Bearskin over to a gulp-based CSS compiling system. Up until now we had been using the original Sass, written in Ruby, but lately it's been feeling a bit slow.

CSS Color Options

CSS3 introduced a lot of functionality that was previously only achievable with Flash or JavaScript. Transitions, transforms, and key framed animations are the big ones here. They can provide some eye candy to your site and only require a regular ol' front end developer.

Web Design

We love Responsive Web Design, and we love Drupal.

Mason Wendell
Responsive Web Design
Breakpoint makes writing media queries really simple. I want to show you a little about how we use it day-to-day on responsive projects here at Zivtech.
Mason Wendell
Drupal Theme
The other day I got to thinking, just what would it take to build a responsive theme for Drupal from scratch?
Howard Tyson
Howard Tyson
Sass and Compass
So you write a lot of CSS, right? I used to be like you. I'll bet you probably write enough CSS to see tons of possibilities in the code, but also maybe you pull your hair out over some of the limitations?
Mason Wendell