Computer Code
Not every web software project needs to be a disaster. Find a talented team that will provide skillful and efficient problem-solving.
Concept Development Board
If you’re on a software development team, user stories are a useful tool in understanding how a feature works from the perspective of your users.
Laptop and coffee

When your website isn’t performing as well as you’d like, you might point fingers at a number of outside factors.

Our team was recognized for digital strategy; digital design and UI/UX design; and mobile, website, software, Drupal, WordPress, and PHP development. 
Website launch checklist

I'm obsessed with smooth launches. The fewer things you need to do to launch, the fewer things will go wrong.

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Clarifi is a nonprofit organization on a mission to make financial literacy more accessible. Their website needed to serve as a catalyst for relationships with their users.
Open source software
Open source has benefits that are unsurpassed by proprietary software solutions.
Zivtech Staff
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If you’re familiar with software development, you’ve likely heard of agile methodology.

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Over the years, Zivtech has worked on many different types of existing Drupal websites and web applications.

Server monitoring
This list gives you a good set of metrics to keep an eye on and why it's in your best interest to do so.
Laurence Liss
Laurence Liss
Without a well thought out and detailed strategy, achieving your goals might feel impossible. Here are 7 signs that your project needs a proper discovery phase before investing in any type of design and development project.
Marco De Paulis
Marco De Paulis
Companies were selected based on their ability to deliver excellent work.
A/B testing is a surefire way to continuously make improvements to your website.
Like going to the dentist, writing documentation for software is important. And much like going to the dentist, no one wants to do it unless they have to.
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It seems obvious that user research is a critical part of improving the

Maddie Presland
Maddie Presland
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Too many cooks can spoil the broth. Or, too many inconsistent styles can leave your website visitors totally lost.

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With roughly 1.2 million websites using Drupal across the world, including marquee sites such as NBC Universal and pharmaceutical giant Novartis, it’s clear that it’s a powerful content management system capable of supporting large organizations.
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A full architecture review is paramount before you start to develop a new site.
Maddie Presland
Maddie Presland
Smooth stones

Your website should fuel your business. It should be easy to use, both for you and the visitors you want to attract.


If you’re considering staff augmentation to get extra h

Maddie Presland
Maddie Presland
Laptop with code

Developers want to solve problems and create strong code foundations that prevent bugs.

Maddie Presland
Maddie Presland

Should you choose existing software and make some compromises, or opt for a custom solution that may take longer to build and implement?


This post is the second in a series covering Zivtech's usage of Gulp for front-end development in Drupal 8.

James Cole
James Cole

Gulp is a mainstay of front-end development nowadays.

James Cole
James Cole

Pro tip for the C-suite: Agile practice is changing business culture.

Maddie Presland
Maddie Presland
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In a staff augmentation agreement, one or more employees work half-time or full-time for your organization for an extended period of time (typically six months). The employee acts as an extension of your talent pool, available for anything you need and in close daily communication.
Climbing hooks and carabiners
Writing code for a Drupal site can be an overwhelming experience because, even though it’s written in PHP, there’s a dense API behind it. One of the biggest parts of that API is the hook system.
Lauren Lewis
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If you can think of a topic, there’s probably a podcast about it. Web development is no different.
Lauren Lewis
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If I could go back in time, after I had graduated from my three month web development bootcamp, I would tell myself, “You don’t know git!”
Lauren Lewis
Two rows of trees
Don't break the Gestalt Laws of Grouping. Your site metrics will thank you for it. 
Samantha Rogers
Samantha Rogers
Looking ahead

At Zivtech, we're pondering what things might look like down the road as development for Drupal 9 begins.

Laurence Liss
Laurence Liss
What happens when you’ve invested a lot of money into a project, only to discover that you’re deep into a money pit?
Olivia Coplan

A website can serve a lot of different functions.


One of the best parts of Node.js is non-blocking asynchronous i/o event handling; but what does that really mean?

Allie Jones
Allie Jones
Old bikes
Did you create your website 5 or 10 years ago? It’s time for a redesign.
Devon Walder
To do list
There are a few things every new client should have prepared before an initial call to make the conversation mutually beneficial, and in the end, to help drive the process forward.
Devon Walder
Zivtech was thrilled last week when Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced that we were one of five winners of Startup PHL’s second round of Call for Ideas Grants, for a 6-week Web Development Bootcamp.
David Hamme