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Redesigning a website can become a costly venture. This quick guide offers tips and tactics to keep costs low for a redesign project that dosesn't cut corners.
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As the field of user experience continues to expand, it’s important to be cognizant of the main principles that build the foundation for human-computer interaction.
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When utilized correctly, white space can make a design stronger and look more professional.
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At Zivtech, we use a variety of methods to conduct thorough user research.
Emily Howards
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After a lot of hard work, stakeholder meetings, and thought, you are finally getting inspiration for a great

James Cole
James Cole

If you’re considering staff augmentation to get extra h

Maddie Presland
Maddie Presland
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Look at your website. Do any of these problems sound familiar? Here's how to fix them.
Sue Spolan
Sue Spolan