Bear Drupal Starter Kit

Bear Drupal Starter Kit is a Drupal Installation Profile that was created to give Drupal developers, Drupal site builders, and Drupal themers a Drupal installation with extended features that is ready to start development immediately.

There are improvements to Drupal 7's core features that add a WYWISYG, proper breadcrumbs, and a host of additional useful tools for developers and site builders. Bear Drupal Starter Kit also includes Bear Skin, a Drupal base theme that our themers created. It includes a sub-theme called Bear Coat to get you online with a responsive Drupal 7 theme or responsive Drupal 8 theme out of the box.

Bear is another open source project that we have given back to the community. Let us know which features you would like to see in future versions of Bear, or let us know about issues in our GitHub issue queue.

Bear is available for download both through our GitHub Releases page and on