Implementing a Pound-Varnish-LAMP setup to achieve secure HTTP acceleration

In my previous post, I gave an overview of a high performance caching setup that facilitated SSL everywhere. This is important because one of the most widely used reverse-proxy caches for Drupal sites is Varnish, which doesn't support SSL termination on its own. Since that post, I gave a presentation at DrupalCamp NJ 2013. I presented the analogy I had developed previously and expanded on it. I prepared a demo in which I had a three server setup.

One click automated Vagrant Base Box builds with VeeWee and Jenkins

At Zivtech we use Vagrant for all of our development. It allows us to effortlessly spin up new development environments on many different systems and ensures that we have the exact same software available in development that we will in production. VirtualBox is updated *all the freaking time* and Vagrant requires the VirtualBox guest image to have VirtualBox guest additions installed and at the same version as the parent.

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