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Accessibility in Drupal Themes

We at Zivtech care about accessible websites and strive to make our projects usable by the widest range of people possible. We aim to produce websites that adhere to Section 508 standards and WAI-ARIA guidelines.

Sometimes a client has specific needs for compliance, like a government or university website. In general though, accessibility should be a goal for any website, so that users of any ability can meaningfully interact with the Internet.

Experiencing Portland at the HighEdWeb 2014 Conference

Over the past few days, Alex and I have been out in Portland, Oregon for the HighEdWeb Association’s annual conference. The conference, which is focused on technology in higher education, took place from October 19-22, and featured many incredible presentations, riveting keynote speakers, and talented higher education professionals.

Binding Drupal data with AngularJS - A Step by Step Tutorial

AngularJS is a popular javascript framework backed by Google. This article will guide you through setting up a simple Angular app using data generated by Drupal. If you’re new to Angular, you may like:



What you’ll need for this tutorial:


jQuery Update




Views Datasource

This tutorial assumes a decent knowledge of Drupal. Our app will be a collection of code snippets (using the default ‘Article’ content type) filtered by ‘section’ taxonomy (say PHP snippets, CSS snippets etc) - Live Demo


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