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Jefferson College of Health Sciences

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Project Overview

Jefferson College of Health Sciences (JCHS) is an affiliate of the Carilion Clinic that enrolls approximately 1,100 students and offers a variety of courses in the healthcare industry. In April of 2013, JCHS approached Zivtech seeking a responsive site design and update from their CMS that had not been touched in over a decade.

The JCHS website was over a decade old, with an unresponsive design and outdated look. JCHS wanted a new, fully responsive design that better aligned with current higher ed trends, while maintaining important accessibility features for their users. They desired a modern, fresh look with intuitive navigation and a full migration from their outdated CMS to Drupal. Because JCHS is an educational institution, they had strict time restrictions to launch the site before the upcoming school year.

After a thorough discovery phase, we were able to complete the new JCHS site within the limited amount of time available. We fully redesigned the site using the responsive Bear Skin theme, created by one of our developers, and we crafted a powerful UX framework, following logical navigation paths to improve usability. Throughout the process, we maintained JCHS’s accessibility features, ensuring their new site would remain accessible to all users. We also fully rebuilt the site from the backend, making the experience seamless and easy to manage from both the front and back facing sites. Now, with their new site, JCHS has enjoyed an easy-to-use, fully responsive site that matches the fresh, clean look of this decade. Normally, a project of this scope takes a considerable amount of time, but due to the flexibility of JCHS and their helpful input throughout the process, we were able to launch the new site within their time restraints to a chorus of happy users.


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