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"Because it's not just an individual, Zivtech has a pretty wide internal repository of knowledge."
— Scott Larson, Information Technology Manager at The FruitGuys

Project Overview

The FruitGuys is a San Francisco-based fruit distribution company that sends fresh fruit to businesses and schools throughout the country. Zivtech has worked on several process-related projects for FruitGuys, including front and back-end order processes to handle thousands of users ordering and shipping different kinds of fruit that is only available in certain locations for limited times. Their existing order fulfillment system was about to break due to traffic volume, and Zivtech’s improvements were able to give The FruitGuys a functional site and a happy staff. We have continued to work with The Fruit Guys as their business grows, addressing various development and designs needs as they come to fruition. Through the entire web design and development process and beyond, we have worked in tandem with The Fruit Guys to ensure their project was delivered to their specifications and needs.

The FruitGuys is the industry leader in providing farm-fresh produce to the American workplace.

FruitGuys E-Commerce

FruitGuys was running their business off of QuickBooks, but their company had outgrown it. QuickBooks was falling down, threatening to destroy their business. In addition, using QuickBooks for credit card processing means paying high fees.
We removed QuickBooks from the center of their business by developing shipping, printing, inventory, accounting, and customer service tools as part of their Drupal e-commerce site. Now their payments (they mainly use recurring payments) go through a less expensive payment gateway, they are out of crisis mode and back to running their business.

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