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Project Overview

Tern Bicycle is an international bicycle company based in Taiwan. Tern specializes in folding bicycles, which are perfect for cyclists who are always on the go. Our work with Tern began when we were asked to help redevelop their company website. Because Tern is an international company, our team had to ensure that the site worked across the globe, integrating various languages, world maps, and other functionality.

One of the key features of the Tern website is its geolocation capabilities. Tern recognizes location when visitors return to the site, directing them to the proper country site with the appropriate language. For those who want to switch sites, there is a dropdown menu in the upper right corner.

Tern Bicycles

Tern Bicycles sells different products in different regions. When a potential customer visits their site they wanted to automatically redirect you to the right regional version of their site, showing you the right products and in your language.

We wanted the right page to load fast, so we used geolocation on the Varnish (reverse proxy) layer. Does it send you to the right region quickly?


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