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Manhattan Neighborhood Network

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Project Overview

Founded in 1992, Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) is Manhattan’s free, public access cable network. We operate two media production and education facilities in Manhattan and run four cablecast channels reaching 620,000 cable subscribers in the borough:

  • Community
  • Lifestyle
  • Spirit
  • Culture

Zivtech worked with the team at MNN to improve their programming schedule. With scheduling information coming in from a separate API, the Zivtech team needed to make sure the MNN site and the schedule API could work together to accurately display channels and times for broadcast.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Scheduled Programming

Manhattan News Network shows visitors a schedule of their programming, with the schedule information coming from a separate site’s API. The integration with that API was poorly built and was crashing nearly every day. Also the schedule was difficult to read, and nearly impossible to view on mobile devices. We re-developed the API integration to be performant and robust. We re-created the front-end as an Angular app integrated into the Drupal site, and made it responsive for smaller devices. Now it never goes down and everyone sleeps well at night.

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