Gartner Names Acquia as a Leader for Web Content Management

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An intuitive content management system makes it significantly easier to streamline the way you manage your digital presence. A CMS simplifies the process for creating and editing content and helps ensure that your website is uniform and consistent. Gartner recently published a report that recognizes the leaders in the web content management space. Providers were rated on the following criteria:

  • Content creation functions 
  • Repositories that organize and provide metadata about the content
  • Security
  • Content deployment functions 
  • Analytical capabilities
  • Personalization 
  • Integration capabilities

Of the 18 companies that were judged, Acquia was listed not only as a leader in the industry, but also a visionary. According to Gartner, Acquia is the “best-known provider of cloud capabilities around the highly popular Drupal open-source platform.” On top of that, the newest release of Drupal (Drupal 8) has allowed for the open-source solution to compete with larger, closed-source solutions. Acquia is also a strong provider if you value personalization and customization. 

Acquia has consistently been regarded as one of the top providers of web content management services for years. The Drupal community as a whole continues to rely on Acquia to empower the CMS and enable customers to use Drupal to its fullest extent.

You can download the full Gartner report here

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