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Zivtech Labs

Your organization is unique, and you shouldn’t have to compromise with out-of-box software that doesn’t meet all of your needs. Our team develops custom software solutions for a wide variety of industries. Through informed research and thorough user testing, our software solutions are built with your people and processes in mind.


Streamline the process of creating, accepting, and reviewing applications. ApplyCycle is built upon Drupal, the leading open-source CMS, and can be customized and enhanced to meet your organization’s growing needs.

The smarter way to handle QA. Probo.CI is an open source continuous integration and quality assurance tool that works for the whole team. Probo is based on the core idea that a team should deploy features quickly with no negative impact on an already functioning system. Help your cross functional teams collaborate and dramatically reduce time and cost.

Tools & Technology

We develop strong and secure digital products. The websites and web applications that we build are created with technologies that support your organization as you grow. 

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