About Us

Meaning of the name Zivtech


Hebrew word (zīw) meaning “radiance” or “brilence”, specifically alluding to the beutiful illumination of candle light.

What makes Zivtech different

We are user-focused technologists at heart. Our clients often turn to us when legacy platforms are impeding progress. We understand what it takes to design and engineer enterprise level solutions for fiscally lean organizations.


We are product-centric. We do not just build websites. We build web-based tools and applications that solve business challenges - solutions that break down the barriers holding big ideas back.

We are experts in open-source content management platforms such as Drupal and WordPress. Our team is highly active in their respective open source communities and possess many advanced certifications.

Long-term partnerships are our gold standard. Everyone may say that, but we can prove it. We design and build each application as if we are part of our clients’ in-house team. 

Our Team

Quote from Leading Public Health University

It’s truly hard to express how grateful we are for all of your partnership, smarts, hard work, and support getting us to this moment. You were the partner we needed to get this done and you’ve been wonderful to work with all along the way. We look forward to the many phases to follow from here.


Ready to get started?

Have a project in mind? Need help testing a new strategy? Improve user experience? We’re here to help. Just reach out.