11 Lorem Ipsum Generators That Make Drupal Site Building Fun


I have been building and maintaining Drupal sites for over 8 years now. As a Drupal site builder it is my job to ensure that all content types, fields, views, panels, and other components of a Drupal site build are working properly before launch. This requires actually entering real content on the site, which can be time consuming. Some of you may be thinking, “What about Devel Generate?”. Devel generate works great for initial testing of content types, as it allows for automatic creation of nodes for testing, but we still need to make sure creation of content goes smoothly for content editors. This means at some point we actually have to test creating content manually. This is where a Lorem Ipsum generator comes in handy.

I have mainly used generic lorem ipsum generators like Lipsum.com over the years, or more recently the Lorem Ipsum Generator (Default Text) Chrome extension. These work great, but after 8 years have become a bit of a bore when creating test content. One of our team members, Nick Lewis, showed me the Corporate BS Generator one day and just last week I thought to myself, “That Corporate BS Generator would be a pretty funny lorem ipsum generator.” That’s when I decided to Google “bs lipsum generator” and came across Corporate Lipsum. What I discovered next was something that I never imagined. There are tons of themed lorem ipsum generators out there. There are many that are comical and some are very innovative in their approach. Let’s take a look at 11 Lorem Ipsum Generators that will be sure to make testing content creation on your next Drupal project fun.

  1. Meet the Ipsums - This lorem ipsum generator is an aggregator of ipsums from many of the other lorem ipsum generators out there. It has one of the nicer looking designs of the lipsum generators I have seen.

  2. Pirate Ipsum - This lorem ipsum generator allows you to create lipsum text in pirate talk. This one is my favorite design so far for all of the lipsum generators I have seen. You can even buy posters of the artwork used on the site at the bottom of the page.

  3. Startupsum - This lorem ipsum generator allows you to create lipsum text with startup related terms and phrases. It has a clean design and has automatic text copy highlighting, which is a nice feature to have for these types of sites.

  4. Sagan Ipsum - This lorem ipsum generator spans the cosmos and generates lipsum text of one of the great literary geniuses of our time, Carl Sagan. Take your next project to a new level of understanding with this lipsum generator. it includes a text selection button to make copying the generated text much easier.

  5. Pick Sum Ipsum - This lorem ipsum generator has several options for generating lipsum text which are fairly unique. It has the most innovative feature out of the sites I have seen that allows you to have 2 actors “brawl” to combine their generated lipsum text together for even more fun. This generator includes a button to select the text to copy, however it takes more time to actually generate the text due to it’s multiple options.

  6. Savage Ipsum - This lorem ipsum generator is one of my favorites for content, as it generates word and phrases that “Macho Man” Randy Savage would say during his wrestling career. Ooooh yeeeah!

  7. DeLorean Ipsum - This lorem ipsum generator is a throwback to one of my favorite movie franchises, Back to the Future. Generate some “heavy” lipsum text for your next site build with this one.

  8. Hodor Ipsum - This lorem ipsum generator is one of the funnier lipsum generators I have found. It generates lipsum text in the language of the Hodor characters from Game of Thrones. Keeping in character, the site is even created by Hodor.

  9. Cheese Ipsum - This lorem ipsum generator has a great design and the delicious subject matter of cheese related words and phrases. You may find yourself looking for lunch earlier using this lipsum generator.

  10. Bacon Ipsum - This lorem ipsum generator falls in the food category again, but this one generates text with a bit more meat to it. There are no fancy features on this lipsum generator, but it had me at bacon. It even has Turducken!

  11. Pig Latin Ipsum - I figured with all these types of lorem ipsum generators, there had to be one for Pig Latin, and there is! This lipsum generator will generate lipsum text that is translated to Pig Latin. The best part is you can translate any text you want, so technically you could turn any of the lipsum text from the previously mentioned lipsum generators into this one and get an even funnier result.

That rounds out my list of favorites that I have found so far, but there are tons of other fun and innovative lorem ipsum text generators out there to check out. Some even fill other needs for Drupal site building, such as allowing you to generate placeholder HTML code and generate placeholder images. Not Lorem Ipsum takes a completely different approach on things by giving you ideas of what to write for your actual content based on your industry. As you may have guessed, there is also a module for that called Drupal Ipsum. Drupal Ipsum allows you to generate Drupal related ipsum text and even integrates with Devel. Let us know what your favorite lipsum generator is in the comments below.

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