3 Reasons Why a Business Student Would Want to Co-Op at a Tech Company

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Although tech companies are primarily composed of employees who are tech-savvy and know all there is to know about coding languages. There are several reasons why a business major could find themselves wanting to work for a tech company.

Here are three reasons why I chose to co-op at Zivtech.

Office Environment

In my experience, a tech company’s office environment is very different from a traditional corporate office space. Tech companies tend to adopt open floor plans for their employees which create a space for collaboration and teamwork. Employees aren’t confined to a cubicle that prohibits interaction and discourages conversation.

Another positive aspect of the office environment is the dress code. The dress code at tech companies tends to lean towards the casual side, allowing employees to dress how they feel. There are no strict rules prohibiting the type of clothing which must be worn, as long as graphics and language remain unoffensive, it’s usually fine!


Tech companies are oftentimes very flexible with their employees, they understand that their employees aren’t robots and value a positive work/life balance. Zivtech understands that sometimes things happen outside of the workplace that is out of their employee's control and trusts them to successfully balance their personal and work lives. 

At Zivtech, employees’ hours aren’t restricted to “nine to five” as long as the employee works eight hours and completes his or her work for the day. They are also flexible regarding working remote. In my experience, working at a company that offers a range of flexibility to best fit your needs increases productivity and drive in the workplace. 


Unlike large corporations where job roles can be extremely specific, tech company employees usually have more overlap in their roles and responsibilities. As a business major working at a tech company, there’s always a new opportunity for me to expand my skill set and experience. 
Although my role is a Jr. Business Analyst, I’m heavily involved in daily sales and project management operations. Contributing to more than just one aspect of a company’s workflow allows me to learn so much more than if I were to be only working on one particular series of tasks. 

In my short time at Zivtech, I’ve already been invited to attend conferences and networking events. This has given me the opportunity to meet other professionals in related fields. Now, this isn’t to say that you can’t learn outside of your job description or meet other professionals in a large corporation, but tech companies tend to have these customs at the heart of their company values.

Overall, you don’t need to be an expert coder to work at a tech company. They’re still a company that requires more than just technical experience to function as a business. As I’ve previously mentioned, there are plenty of opportunities for a business major to grow within a tech company.

James Froio Jr. is a Management Information Systems and Business Analytics Major. He recently joined Zivtech as a Junior Business Analyst as part of his co-op at Drexel University. 

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