5 Drupal Development Resources You Need to Know

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At Zivtech, we are committed to using Drupal and its open source principles on client projects. We love imparting our Drupal knowledge onto our fellow Drupal enthusiasts, but even we don't know everything happening within the Drupal community. 

We've put together a list of helpful Drupal resources that we think every Drupal developer (from beginners to professionals) can benefit from. Check them out below!

The Weekly Drop

A one-stop shop to all things Drupal, The Weekly Drop sends out Drupal news, tutorials, and articles every Thursday, saving you the time of pouring over countless resources. You can subscribe to the newsletter here

Drupal Podcasts

Not a fan of reading? Never fear, podcasts are here. DrupalEasy, and Talking Drupal are both updated regularly to discuss web design and development using Drupal. In addition to new episodes, you can scroll through each podcast's back catalog. DrupalEasy lets you scroll back to 2009, and Talking Drupal allows you to go back to 2013. 

Join a Drupal Group (Or Start Your Own)

Groups.drupal.org is a community-oriented site that allows various groups to organize, plan, and work on projects. You can browse under the subsets of geographical, working groups, distribution, and event planning. The largest group, Drupal Dojo is made up of more than 3,000 Drupal users in search of improving their Drupal proficiency. 

Monthly Drupal Call

Sponsored by NTEN.org, this Drupal group conducts a free monthly open-ended Q&A to talk about Drupal in non-profits/NGO's and activism. This call is open to everyone and features Drupal experts prepared to answer any nagging questions you may encounter on your Drupal projects. You can also look through the call’s hashtag, #npdrupal, on Twitter, where they post meeting notes, and other resources. 


New to Drupal, or just need to brush up? Acquia provides free, online training in Drupal through their Youtube channel. They offer courses for beginners, and more in-depth courses on topics like site building, layout and theming, and module development. 

In addition to these resources, you have us. In our weekly blog, we cover topics ranging from web development to digital strategy, and of course, Drupal! Make sure to come back, and see what tips, tutorials and Drupal insights we might be covering in the future. 

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