How Training Your Team Will Improve Your Website

Your organization has just completed a beautiful website redesign, and you’re thrilled with the results. But wait! A few months pass and you decide you want to change up some content, functionality, or design elements. How do you proceed after your site has been built? 

By now, you know that your site is an investment and you need long-term plans to refresh and maintain it. A website should live and breathe and be adaptable. Features and content shouldn’t remain static. 

You shouldn’t have to rely on your original vendor to update and renovate your site. Consider building an in-house development team that you can turn to for small changes and minor technical issues that may arise. Train your employees and teach them the development skills that will suit your particular needs.

Keep it In-House

An in-house development team is an invaluable asset to your company. It means you always have someone to rely on when you have questions or requests. It also empowers your organization to be self-sufficient, avoiding vendor lock-in and reliance.   

Use your staff’s existing communication channels to discuss new site requests and create a customized development workflow that suits your organization. Different teams and departments are already accustomed to communicating with one another, so the transition is seamless. 

Invest in Your Team 

Your staff is full of smart, motivated individuals who are eager to continue to add to their skills portfolio. Not only does training add more knowledge diversity to your organization, it also demonstrates that your company values investing in the professional development of your staff. You may already have employees who are interested in learning or improving their development skills. Training can nudge your staff closer to their long-term career goals, which results in greater job satisfaction. Satisfied employees increase productivity and improve retention rates.

Put the time into training your employees to show that you want to invest in their future. Do as we do at Zivtech and grow your own.

Pick and Choose

Find a training team that will cater to your company’s specific needs. There are a variety of trainings to choose from so that you can decide specifically what you need and what you want your staff to learn. Training sessions also vary in difficulty from beginner to advanced. The level of depth is entirely up to you and your site’s needs. 

If your budget is tight, create a prioritized list of skills that you want your staff to learn and go from there. You can also train as you go; choose workshops based around updates you would like to make to your site. 

What You Gain

After you train, you’ll have an in-house team that is empowered and more knowledgeable. You’ll improve the output and efficiency of work. Your initial site investment will be strengthened through continued updates, new features, and design changes. The support of a reliable, in-house development team is invaluable.

Ready to take the plunge? Check out Zivtech’s wide variety of training workshops for all skill levels.