Open Source is Redefining the Future of Digital Experiences

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Marco De Paulis
Marco De Paulis

This week, Forrester released their report on the best web content management systems. They evaluated 15 significant CMS providers, based on their current offering, strategy, and market presence. 

Specifically, Forrester analyzes four key components of web CMS strengths:

Semantic structure

Content writers and managers require a robust content taxonomy and metadata system to assist with content management and cross-site publishing.

Front-end and back-end API capabilities 

A web CMS with more integration possibilities allows for more dynamic and cohesive technologies for organizations. 

Scalable tools

Streamlined tools that all share one codebase result in time and cost savings.

Contextual design tools with built-in testing and optimization

Marketers need out-of-the-box mobile solutions with built in testing capabilities in order to succeed with segmented, targeted, and forward-thinking marketing strategies.


Forrester found that Acquia and Drupal had the strongest strategy and second strongest current offering. It's clear that the legacy web content management systems are slipping behind the innovative enterprise cloud offerings that Open Source can offer. Due to its fundamental benefits, such as cost, quality, and security, Open Source will play an increasingly important role in redefining the future of digital experiences.


To read more about the future of web CMS, download the full report here

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