Defining Probo's Mission & Coining Continuous Collaboration


I recently wrote a blog post on Medium titled Continuous Collaboration: Coining a new term for Probo, in which I describe the differences between Probo and other Continuous Integration software, and argue that we need a new term to describe software like Probo. And while I can't ensure that the term will stick, at the very least it has helped to clarify what Probo is and where we are taking it. It also led to Probo's new Mission Statement, which as of 05/19/2017 is:

Probo CI’s mission is to break down the barriers between software developers and the other stakeholders involved in a software development project.

Probo achieves this mission through a Continuous Collaboration platform that bridges the gaps between traditional Continuous Integration and Project Management platforms, as well as via professional services aimed at helping organizations improve their collaboration on software projects.

This statement is likely to evolve over the next few months, and we'd love to know what you think about it, as well as the term "Continuous Collaboration." If you think it's arrogant, silly, wrong, or maybe a tad awesome and you want to let us know, please leave a comment here or on the Medium post.

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