Learn How to Build Your Own Instance of Probo.CI

We often write about how Probo.CI has helped our development workflow and about how it breaks down barriers between software developers and project stakeholders. We always encourage other teams to incorporate it into their workflow to see how it can remove bottlenecks and enable a more efficient process. Since it's open source, teams can build their own instance of Probo so they can run builds on their own server. And thanks to new documentation, getting a Probo App server running is easier than ever. 

From the Probo.CI blog:

Thanks to contributor Michael Bagnall, also known as ElusiveMind on GitHub, our Probo Docs now include a section on setting up the Probo Open Source project! The new Open Source Quickstart has a step by step guide on getting your very own Probo App server running using the open source repositories we provide, and some additional tips to get it all up and running. 

Since Probo is open source, anyone with the know-how can build their own instance of Probo and run builds on their own server. The documentation that Michael created includes all of the information you need to get started with your own instance of Probo on a computer of your choosing.

Michael also contributed back several pull requests to fix or improve on code he encountered while getting set up. We feel strongly about open source and Michael’s awesome contributions are an inspiring validation of our faith in the power of open source.

Get started with your own build and let us know how it goes in the comments!