The Role of a WordPress Developer

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly and popular open-source CMS on the market. Businesses and individuals alike can set up websites quickly using WordPress themes and plugins and can edit their content as they desire. In the past, we’ve discussed WordPress and have always heralded it for its plug and play capabilities and ease of use. However, there about situations that require a bit more technical knowledge.

WordPress Development

In come the WordPress Developers who take their knowledge of programmatic languages and development to make the CMS, and the sites it hosts, better. They often contribute to WordPress’s core code, create and customize plugins and themes, and help build sites and support them in the long term.

Why Open-Source?

Our Drupal capabilities are a point of pride in our service offerings, but we also excel at WordPress development. Over the years, we’ve hosted and developed WordPress sites, and have continued to refine our skills as the CMS evolves.

Working with open-source platforms like Drupal and WordPress allows our team to not only share contributions of their own but also collaborate with other talented developers in those open-source communities. WordPress developers work on the front and back ends of the CMS to improve functionality, develop new features, fix bugs and improve security. 

Consider WordPress Custom Development

When taking on a WordPress project, our team takes full advantage of WordPress’s out-of-box power as well as the open-source community that works to amplify that power. Throughout the development pipeline, our team ensures stable architecture, plugin functionality, and responsive and clean theming. 

Serving numerous industries and business types and sizes, WordPress is a capable CMS that can be more complex than it seems at face value. A community of knowledgeable developers, like our very own, drive the platform’s growth, ultimately rendering it a powerful CMS with superior functionality with each release.