Comparison of Pull Request Preview Tools

Alana Battalino
Alana Battalino

Probo.CI was created by our team here at Zivtech with the mission to improve the software development process. 

Our team needed to be able to test, verify, and approve development tasks as they were happening – not just at the end of a development sprint. Previously, all changes needed to be tested to a site in a single QA or Test environment. Now, with Probo, each individual pull request is tested inside its own isolated sandbox. This has streamlined the development process and transformed the way we work as a team, as well as with our clients and partners. 

Probo also allows non-technical users to get involved from the very beginning by providing a shareable link where they can view changes, run tests, and get approvals – all before the code changes are merged into a master branch. This has sped up the feedback process between project managers, clients, and developers. 

Probo has significantly improved our development process, which is why we are excited to see so many other platforms offering tools with similar preview features. These tools each come with their own limitations and vary depending on technologies, language, and price. With so many similar tools on the market, how do you know which will yield the best results for your team? 

We went ahead and compared each tool so that you can decide which will be the best choice for your next software development project. 

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