How to Set Up a Web App for Your Data in 45 Minutes

Last weekend, our team attended DrupalCamp New Jersey where our CTO Jody Hamilton and Front-end Developer John Kaeser led a session called “Drupal for your Data: From Spreadsheet to Web App in 45 Minutes.” 

A couple months ago, Jody noted that Drupal is most frequently used for marketing websites, despite being capable of a lot more. It prompted an insightful blog post: Drupal is Not Just for Your Marketing Site. She notes that many organizations rely on spreadsheets for data management, but eventually outgrow them and need a new solution.

In their session, Jody and John build a web app in Drupal 8 that replaces a realistic spreadsheet workflow. Watch the session below to learn new ways to use Drupal to help your organization manage data. It’s intended for all audiences, so no prior experience is necessary.