The Benefits of a Content Management System

A well-designed and easy to use website is key for any business. Customers frequently use the internet to research new products or services before making a purchase decision. It’s vital that your site is both intuitive for users on the front-end and easy for you and your staff to manage on the backend. 

A content management system is a software application that allows for simplified creation and modification of web content. Building your website with a CMS is a great way to streamline workflows and ensure that your team can easily manage your site’s content. 

There are a number of content management systems to choose from; WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento are some of the most popular. The specific CMS that you choose will depend on your business’s needs, but there are aspects that all CMSs have in common that will help you manage your digital presence.

Faster Installation & Upgrades

Installing a CMS is significantly faster than coding a website from scratch. CMSs come with standard bundled features so that you can get up and running with the basics very quickly. 

CMSs also generally have support teams that work on updates and new features. Potential security vulnerabilities are handled quickly. This means it’s always easy to ensure that your website is up to date and secure.

Easy for Non-Technical Staff

Content editors and contributors shouldn’t have to rely on a developer to add or change content on your website. With minimal training, your staff will be able to make changes whenever they need instead of relying on someone who knows how to code. 

A WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) toolbar provides an editing format comparable to frequently used text editors. Editors can modify text styles and add multimedia, but options are limited to what’s necessary to ensure consistency across your website. 


Not all websites require the same features and functionality. Your business may only require a few pages of content, or you may be building an eCommerce site that requires a variety of product pages. Regardless, the CMS that you choose should be extensible so that it can be customized to fit your needs.

WordPress and Drupal both offer additional features that can be installed with their core. There are thousands of Drupal modules that allow for robust and complex website functionality. Your site will be able to do whatever it is that you need it to.

User Permissions

If you have a team of individuals that need access to your website, a CMS allows you to customize their user roles and permissions so they can only contribute as needed. This ensures that contributors only have access to what they need and prevents them from accidentally altering something that they shouldn’t. 

Separate Design

When you build with a CMS, your site’s content and functionality is kept separate from the front-end design aspects. This allows for easier design changes so that you can update and rebrand as necessary without having to worry about your content.  

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization is critical when it comes to driving traffic and potential leads to your website. A CMS makes it easier to optimize your site for search engines through title tags, meta descriptions and keywords, search friendly URLs, and more. A good CMS will also make it easy for you to add redirects in the event that you need to unpublish or delete a page.


When choosing a CMS, be sure to select one that adheres to accessibility standards. Your website should be compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure the best usability possible for individuals with disabilities. CMSs typically include elements like alternative text, captions or transcripts for media, and other features that contribute to overall usability. 

Make Your (Digital) Life Easier

Building your website with a CMS will help your team streamline workflows and work more efficiently. With little training, your team will be comfortable creating and editing content without developer support. Your website will also be easy to set up and update and will have all the necessary features that help drive your company’s success.